Sunday, September 13, 2015

New Review: Nan Ryan’s SUN GOD – Sweeping Texas Saga, a Story of Betrayal and Revenge

They met when they were teenagers in 1856, Luiz Quintano the proud son of an Aztec princess, and Amy Sullivan the beautiful daughter of a successful rancher. His Spanish father supplied life-giving water to the ranch and, in return, her father gave Luiz’s father land. Together the two fathers shared a friendship and the sprawling Texas hacienda, Orilla, hoping their children would one day marry.

Amy Sullivan took Tonatiuh (Luiz Quintano’s Indian name) for her lover when she was sixteen. They planned to wed. But her brothers would not have it. When their own father died, they killed Luiz’ father and then whipped Luiz to near death and left him in the desert. In an effort to save his life and convince her brothers she didn’t care for him, Amy joined in the whipping. 
Ten years later, Amy has married another man, now dead, and has a daughter. Luis, saved by his mother, returns, as El Capitán, an officer in the Mexican army—intending to reclaim all that is his. He moves into the hacienda with his army and takes Amy to his bed, no matter she is now betrothed to another man. Luiz wants only revenge and thinks he can remain indifferent to her.
This is a classic based on much research into the history of the time though the romance is definitely in the foreground. It’s a bit long in the middle and convoluted in the end, but nonetheless a great story. Luiz could be one of my favorite heroes but I have to say that Amy got a bit annoying with all her snipping at Luiz once he returned.

Ryan brings Old Texas to life… the desert, the dust and the heat. The Indians. The villains. It’s all here. A great cast of secondary characters, too.

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