Sunday, October 25, 2015

New Review: Maureen Kurr’s SWORD OF THE HEART – A Medieval to Curl Up With on a Rainy Day

Maureen Kurr won the Romance Writers of America's Golden Heart Award in 1985 for her first novel, NORTHWARD THE HEART. After that she wrote three more historical romances (see list below). Each is a rich historical romance that, while moving at a bit slower pace than you might be used to, hey are still ones you will want to read though you’ll have to find them used and in paperback.

Sword of the Heart is set in 14th century France, and tells the story of beautiful Alix Beaucamp and Philip de Saines, both from noble families in Brittany. Philip is a knight, who after witnessing one horrible night of death at the hands of his fellow knights, laid down his sword and turned away from fighting forever.

After a scandal in the French court that says he cuckolded his good friend, he returns home to find his estate crumbling from neglect after the Plague (the “Great Pestilence”). All think him a coward and a subject of scorn, including his own family. But Alix knows better and loves him. When her father betroths her to Philip’s brother, Justin, a man she cannot stand, she and Philip desperately seek as way to make him acceptable to both families.

One of the things I liked about this story was the hero’s constancy. Philip never stopped loving Alix, nor she him. Her trust in him as a swordless knight never faltered and though he had to overcome many obstacles to gain their families’ approval of their marriage, he did so with unwavering diligence. It’s a good one for a rainy weekend.

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Maureen Kurr’s novels:

Northward the Heart
Sword of the Heart
For Honor’s Sake
Deceptive Heart


  1. Nice list some really good old favourites.

    1. Thanks, Julie. I think you meant to put your comment on my medieval Best List, right?