Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Review: Virginia Henley's MASTER OF PARADISE - A Great Civil War Romance!

This romance features life in the American south in the 19th century on the eve of the Civil War, though the beginning and the end take place in England (in Kent). Henley did justice to a difficult theme and portrays the mixed feelings of some Southerners and the real, economic conflict over the issue of slavery. The story is entertaining and the love between the hero and heroine very believable.

Nicholas Peacock always thought he’d inherit Peacock Hall in Kent from his British lord father. But just as he is ready to take over their lands, he learns he is a bastard, and will not be the son to inherit. When his father dies suddenly, Nicholas faces a vindictive stepmother, so he sails to South Carolina, determined to become the owner of a successful plantation.

He buys land and plants cotton and works very hard, right alongside his slaves. Eventually he builds a magnificent house known as Paradise Plantation. Though he does not like the concept of owning another person, he accepts slavery as a part of the Southern way of life. He falls in love with Mandy Jackson, the young daughter of his neighbor, but her youth forces him to agree to a marriage in name only, a marriage he promises her father he won’t consummate until she is 18.

One of the things I loved about Nick as a hero was his unwavering love for Mandy. And, Mandy, even as an immature teenager, had great courage and common sense with an adventuresome spirit. Nick could spot a diamond in the rough and he chose Mandy the first time he saw her. Those guys are few, so I enjoyed him very much!

As with all Virginia Henley’s romances, I recommend them as worthy tales.

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