Saturday, October 22, 2011

New Review: Heather Graham’s DEVIL'S MISTRESS: Witch Trials, a Hunk to Die For and True Love!

This is another page-turner from Heather Graham, award-winning author of over 100 romance novels--and it's just been re-released. Set in the 17th century Scotland, this is the story of Brianna McCardle, a dark-haired blue-eyed beauty who is falsely accused of being a witch. She is saved only by pretending to be a whore sent to the Welsh sea captain, Lord Treveryan for the night. Treveryan is captain of the Sea Hawk, working for the king, and a hunk to die for. Brianna loses her innocence to him but he loses his heart to her. He sweeps her away on his ship to keep her from the witch hunters but then he decides he can't let her go. But neither will he marry her. Raised by Puritans, Brianna cannot accept the role of his mistress so she flees to America with her cousin who marries her when she is discovered to be with child.

This story is all about what happens when life gets in the way of true love. You will feel the pain of love denied, love delayed and love misunderstood--then the joy of love regained. And it all takes place in a time when witch hunts abounded in Britain as well as Salem, Massachusetts.

Graham does a wonderful job of weaving in the history, developing the characters and including believable sexual tension between the hero and heroine. I recommend this one!

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