Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Review: Kathryn Smith’s Be Mine Tonight – Historical Romance and Vampires! Brotherhood of the Blood, Book #1 is a Winner!

What could be better than a novel that combines historical romance with vampires? —And does it well? Here’s a story of knights who became vampires—a series that transitioned me from loving paranormal romance into loving historical romance. You won’t want to miss it as it combines both and does it with excellence in writing.

In the 1300s, six Templar knights search for the Holy Grail. They think they have found it when they locate an ancient goblet in a dark cave. When one of them is mortally wounded, he drinks from the dark liquid in the goblet hoping to be healed. When he is quickly made well, the others drink. What they found, however, was not the Grail, but some dark force that changed them forever, turning them into vampires unlike any other. The suicide of one of their own and events that follow drive them apart, but six centuries later, an ancient evil conspires to reunite them again.

In this first in the series, we meet Chapel, the knight who drank first from the cup. All these centuries, he has served as a holy warrior, hiding himself away from human contact. Now he's forced to travel to England where an ancient evil lingering in the caves may be awakened. Prudence Ryland, dying and almost out of hope, desperately needs a miracle and thinks she might have found it. But Chapel is reluctant to help the dying girl, not wanting anyone to bear the curse of being a vampire. Prudence will have to convince him to help her. Will he be able to let the woman he is coming to love die?

My highest rating for a series is that when it's over and I've read them all, I do not want to say good-bye to the characters. This was one of those. I believe Kathryn Smith has one of the very best with Brotherhood of the Blood. The vampires are complex characters and noble at heart. They love their women with a deep abiding love--just what you'd want and so hard to find. The plots are worthy; the love scenes are truly believable; and the action keeps you reading late at night. I devoured these books--finishing all of them in a week's time. If you love vampires AND historical romance, you will love these, I promise.

Here are the books:

BE MINE TONIGHT (Chapel, 2006)
TAKEN BY THE NIGHT (Saint, 2007)
NIGHT AFTER NIGHT (Temple, 2009)

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