Monday, October 17, 2011

One of the “Best of the Best” Romance Authors: Marsha Canham

If I were to be asked who are my all time favorite authors (and I have been asked), in the handful of names that immediately come to mind would be Marsha Canham. The author of 16 historical romances—ALL wonderful, ALL worth 5 stars or more—is it any wonder that she has earned Romantic Times’ Lifetime Achievement Award? After a seven-year hiatus to care for her grandchildren, I am happy to say she is writing again (yeah!)

Canham told me she did 28 years of research for her historical novels, and when you read them, it is not hard to believe. She is true to the period of the story, and the variety in her settings is amazing. She captures the nuances of accent in her dialog, which is very difficult to do and most don’t even try. Her love scenes are well scripted and fit precisely into the relationship, unlike some authors who drag the same scene into every book. I just can’t say enough good things about Marsha’s work…I just love her.

She is the MASTER of high seas historical romance and has one of the best Scottish/Highland historical trilogies out there (she considers that trilogy her best work). 

I've listed her historical novels below. Note that there are minor differences between her published books and her new e-books by the same titles as she has updated the latter. In one case, noted below, the difference is substantial. She deserves your patronage as one of the “best of the best.”

Scottish/Highland trilogy:

·      The Pride of Lions (1988)
·      Blood of Roses (1989)
·      Midnight Honor (2001)

Pirate Wolf trilogy:

·      Across a Moonlit Sea (1996)
·      The Iron Rose (2003)
·      The Following Sea (NEW and coming soon as an e-book)

Robin Hood trilogy:

·      Through a Dark Mist (1991)
·      The Shadow of Midnight (1994)
·      The Last Arrow (1997)

Others by her I love:

·      Bound by the Heart (1984a high seas romance) [Note: The book and new e-versions of this sea adventure are quite different. In each case, however, I gave her 5 stars. The e-book lacks the rape scene and has a few other changes.]
·      The Wind and the Sea (1986 – high seas romance)
·      Pale Moon Rider (1998 - highwayman adventure)
·      Swept Away (1999 - Regency)
·      Under the Desert Moon (1992 - western historical)
·      Straight From the Heart (1995 - Civil War historical)
·      My Forever Love (2004 - medieval) coming soon as an e-book, titled The Dragon Tree
·      China Rose (1984, her first book)

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