Monday, December 19, 2011

Favorite Author: Brenda Joyce

Brenda Joyce is the bestselling author of over forty novels and she is one of my favorites. She has won many awards, and her debut romance, INNOCENT FIRE, won a Best Western Romance award. She has also won the highly coveted Best Historical Romance award for SPLENDOR and the Lifetime Achievement Award from Romantic Times. Her stories are wonderfully varied, the emotion just right and the action often intense. While not all consistently 5 stars, they are sufficiently wonderful I can recommend them. I have read all those with an “*” below. Some are on my “Best” lists.

The Bragg Saga:

Innocent Fire, 1988*
Firestorm, 1988*
Violet Fire, 1989*
Dark Fires, 1991*
The Fires of Paradise, 1992*
Scandalous Love, 1992*
Secrets, 1993, (First in the Delanza Series)*

After Innocence* follows Secrets, which is #7 in the Bragg Saga and #1 in the Delanzas two book series. See also, The Darkest Heart, 1989* (connected to The Fires of Paradise {Bragg Series} it’s the hero’s parents)

The de Warenne Dynasty:

Medieval Set:
The Conqueror, 1990
Promise of the Rose, 1993
The Prize, 2004*


The Game, November 1994*
 (Liam O’Neil, Ancestor of Devlin O’Neil of The Prize)

Regency Set:

The Prize, October 2004  
The Masquerade, 2005
The Stolen Bride, 2006
A Lady At Last, 2006
The Perfect Bride, 2007

Victorian Set:

A Dangerous Love, 2008
The Promise, 2010
An Impossible Attraction, 2010

Francesca Cahill Deadly Series:
This series features Rick Bragg and Calder Hart, both sons of Rathe Bragg whose story is told in Violet Fire in the Bragg Series.

Deadly Love, January 2001
Deadly Pleasure, March 2002
Deadly Affairs, April 2002
Deadly Desire, May 2002
Deadly Caress, April 2003
Deadly Promise, November 2004
Deadly Illusions, November 2005
Deadly Kisses, February 2006
Deadly Vows, March 2011

Saint Georges Series:
Beyond Scandal, 1995
The Finer Things, 1997

Other Historical Novels:
The Rival, 1998
Splendor, 1997*
Captive, 1996 (time travel)
The Darkest Heart, 1989*
(connected to The Fires of Paradise {Bragg Series} it’s the hero’s parents)

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