Sunday, January 29, 2012

And now for something entirely different…Vampires in America! A new series by DB Reynolds

Yes, I know, this is a site devoted to historical romance. While I thrive on that genre, I also enjoy paranormal when it’s of the highest quality (JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series; Kathryn Smith’s The Brotherhood of the Blood series; and Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark series come to mind). The series I’m featuring this week, Vampires in America, is truly one of the best I’ve discovered and I highly recommend it.

DB Reynolds was a new writer of romance in 2009 and her debut novel, RAPHAEL, was the first in this series. It drew a rave review and 5 stars from me on Amazon. Reynolds’ mythology is a winning one: the vampires live among us integrating into society while guarding their privacy. They are ruled by regional “Vampire Lords” (historical romance lovers think dark pirates!) who maintain “blood houses” where more than willing humans can give their blood (without harm) to vampires while enjoying the pleasure that goes with it.

In the first in the series, we meet Raphael, reborn a vampire in the Old World hundreds of years ago—and not by choice. Deciding he would rather build his forever life in the New World, he came to America while it was still a young country. Since then he has risen to become the most powerful Vampire Lord in America reigning over the Vampire Council. I was enthralled by this first book and couldn’t wait to read the rest. I’ve since read all five of the books out now and highly recommend them. They are fast paced and full of action with sexy Vampire Lords and strong, feisty heroines. (Vampires only mate with humans in this mythology so we all have a chance!) And, for us historical romance lovers, there’s even a bit of history as the vampires who are hundreds of years old recount their beginnings.  

At the Romantic Times Convention last year, I had the pleasure of meeting Donna and getting to know her. We are both from the West Coast and we are both tall blondes (Donna’s first heroine, Cyn, stands 6 feet!). At the convention, Donna won the Best Paranormal award. It was well deserved.

I’ve listed the books in the series below. The first two books tell the story of Raphael and his mate, Cyn, and should be read together. Raphael and Cyn also appear in the other stories, which is good since they are a most amazing and attractive couple.

1. RAPHAEL – Western Territories/Malibu - 2009
2. JABRIL – Southwest Territory/Houston - 2009
3. RAJMUND – Northeast Territory/New York City - 2010
4. SOPHIA – Canadian Territories/Vancouver - 2011
5. DUNCAN – Capital Territory/Washington DC - 2011

And, coming soon, LUCAS – Plains Territory/South Dakota Badlands

This week I’ll be featuring reviews of some of the books in the series. Check them out!

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