Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Review: D.B. Reynolds’ DUNCAN: Finally! The story of the Sexy Vamp Who Has Stood at Raphael’s Side, Next to the Throne of Power!

When DB Reynolds first read my review of RAPHAEL she told me that I described her book better than she did (!). I was highly complimented as I think she is a wonderful new author and writes exceptionally well. I hope you find this review helpful. DUNCAN is the most recent of her Vampires in America series and tells the story of Raphael's main man. Here it is:

We first met Duncan in RAPHAEL. He was the right hand vamp—the Lieutenant—for the most powerful Vampire Lord in America, Raphael. More handsome than his Sire, Duncan is a tall, blond Southern gentleman vamp who, as a human, almost died on the Civil War battlefield in 1862. Made a vampire by Raphael he has served his Sire for 150 years. But now, with Raphael’s blessing, Duncan is to gain his own territory, the Capital Territory, or as we know it, Washington DC and environs. To do so, Duncan must destroy Victor, the reigning Vampire Lord. In the process, Duncan uncovers a nest of debauchery and evil that sickens him. He has barely begun to clear out the mess when Emma Duquet, a young lawyer who works for a congressman, shows up at his door looking for her roommate, Lacey, the only family Emma has known since they were children together in a foster home. Unfortunately, Lacey was a part of Victor’s “special parties” where human girls were sexually abused for the entertainment of powerful Washington men.

This story is superbly written, exciting and sexy as we get to see more intimately the vampire with the golden looks we have come to love. Duncan is a strong, possessive Alpha male, but he bares his heart to Emma without a backward glance. It is wonderful how Reynolds draws the two of them together. A love story without a hiccup. Don’t get me wrong. There’s lots of action, suspense and many “cliff hanging” moments. It’s just that their love is never in doubt and that was wonderfully refreshing.

While I most often read historical romance, I also enjoy paranormal when it’s of the highest quality (JR Ward, Black Dagger Brotherhood; Kathryn Smith, the Brotherhood of the Blood; and Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark series come to mind). This series, Vampires in America, is truly one of the best I’ve found and I highly recommend it. I’ve read (and reviewed) all five out now and highly recommend them as fast paced, enthralling paranormal romance. 

Each of the books tells the story of a Vampire Lord and his/her mate. The first two tell the story of Raphael and Cyn and should be read together:

Here’s the list:

1. RAPHAEL – Western Territories/Malibu - 2009
2. JABRIL – Southwest Territory/Houston - 2009
3. RAJMUND – Northeast Territory/New York City - 2010
4. SOPHIA – Canadian Territories/Vancouver - 2011
5. DUNCAN – Capital Territory/Washington DC - 2011

And, coming soon, LUCAS – Plains Territory/South Dakota Badlands

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  1. I liked the idea that she didn't run off with her first love, as happens in most romances. But I kept wondering if she had made the right choice. The book was just too short to address all the issues well...