Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Review: Judith McNaught’s PARADISE: Possibly the Best Contemporary Romance! And Best McNaught!

This is a five star romance from beginning to end--no weak spots anywhere. I prefer historicals and after reading some of McNaught’s, and loving them, I decided to try her contemporaries. (I have since read all of hers!) 

This is the story of Meredith, a young wealthy heiress to a department store chain based in Chicago and the son of a poor family. Matt has brains and a fierce determination to accomplish the ultimate success he wants so badly. On one July 4th, they meet and find passion and young love unexpectedly. Though neither is really ready for it, they are forced to marry only to be separated by circumstances and deep hurt that keeps them apart for 11 years. By that time, he has become the head of a corporate empire and she is the interim President of her family's flagship store. Both are wounded souls who have nothing but disdain for each other, believing each has betrayed the other. Ah, but true love will conquer all--and in this well told tale, it does.

I loved Matt, a hero to die for: handsome and rugged, never wavering in either his love for Meredith or his willingness to fight for what he wants--including her. I liked Meredith's courage and her willingness to "go on" despite what life has thrown at her to make something of her life. And I loved her softer side that added compassion to a successful businesswoman's strength. The fact that she looked like a "young Grace Kelly" wasn’t bad either.

This story has great depth, wonderful characters, meaningful scenes and naturally intriguing action. I laughed and I cried. It is definitely a keeper, one to be re-read and enjoyed again and again--a truly excellent romance. I did not want it to end. You will not be disappointed!

Here's the whole Paradise Series--the rest are excellent, too:

1. Paradise (1991)
2. Perfect (1993)
3. Night Whispers (1998)
4. Someone to Watch Over Me (2003)
5. Every Breath You Take (2005)
6. Someone Like You (formerly entitled: Can't Take My Eyes Off of You) (coming sometime in the next few years)

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