Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New Review: Marsha Canham’s THE FOLLOWING SEA – Superb Storytelling in this Swashbuckling Romance, 3rd in the Pirate Wolf trilogy

Third in Canham’s Pirate Wolf trilogy, this one is set in 1623 in the tropical waters of the Spanish Main (think the Caribbean), at a time when pirates and privateers went after the enormous wealth being shipped back to Spain in the form of gold, silver, gems and spices via the Spanish treasure fleets. This is the story of Gabriel Dante, Simon and Isabeau Dante’s youngest son, a handsome sea captain who has just captured a Spanish galleon.

On his way back to the Dante family headquarters in Pigeon Cay, Gabriel rescues beautiful young Eva Chandler from a ship of death. Gabriel’s interest is roused by the English beauty, both her body and the silver coin she carries in a locket, a Spanish coin her father sent her that may have come from a famous treasure ship lost on the Spanish Main. Eva’s father, William Chandler, a shipping magnate, sailed to the Caribbean 4 years ago and Eva hasn’t seen him since. Desperate to know if he lives, Eva has come looking for him and wants Gabriel’s help.

Gabriel is a handsome rogue like his father, the famous Pirate Wolf; and Eva is her own woman, just like Gabriel’s mother. So much so, Eva even taunts Gabriel like Isabeau taunts Simon. In other words, Gabriel and Eva are a well-matched pair! Their adventures will have your head spinning. It’s like taking a wild ride without leaving home: pirates, sunken treasure, battle on land, storms at sea, sword fights and shipboard love, oh yes! Who needs a vacation?…Just read this!

The Pirate Wolf trilogy:

ACROSS A MOONLIT SEA (Simon and Isabeau)
THE IRON ROSE (Juliet and Varian)
THE FOLLOWING SEA (Gabriel and Eva)

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