Friday, May 4, 2012

New Review: Elizabeth Stuart’s HEARTSTORM – Another Scottish Keeper from Stuart!

The first book of Stuart’s I read, WITHOUT HONOR (also a Scottish historical), so captivated me I bought all her novels. HEARTSTORM is another 5 star read. I highly recommend it.

Set in late 17th century Scotland, during the reign of King James II, it tells the story of Anne Randall, the beautiful daughter of Robert Randall, the evil earl of Glenkennon and representative of King James’ government in Scotland. Lord Randall has come to the Highlands to subdue the clans, and particularly Sir Francis MacLean, laird of the MacLean clan. When Randall uses treachery to imprison friends of the MacLean, the Scottish laird captures Randall’s daughter to hold her for exchange of the prisoners. Francis sweeps Anne away to his home, Camereigh Castle, on the coast of Western Scotland, where they find themselves drawn to each other and Anne experiences the joy of a warm family for the first time.

This is superb historical romance and storytelling at its finest. Stuart captivates from the first page as she weaves an intriguing tale of love and treachery in the Highlands. The historic details evidence considerable research, the dialog draws you in and the characters are richly drawn. The hero is drool-worthy. I promise, this one will keep you turning pages.

As far as I can tell, Stuart only wrote five books before setting aside her writing career to raise her family. But what she has given us is worth holding dear. Here they are:

RECKLESS ANGEL (1988, under the pen name Elizabeth Awbrey)
WHERE LOVE DWELLS (1990, RITA award winner for Best Historical, 1991)

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