Monday, May 14, 2012

New Review: John MacLeod’s HIGHLANDERS: A HISTORY OF THE GAELS - Absorbing History of the Scots

For all those fans of Highlander and Scottish historical romance, who would like to dive into the history behind the stories, here’s a book for you. In my own case, I wanted a history of the Highlanders for background--and to understand my Scottish heritage better. I was prepared to slog through a dull history just to gain the knowledge. I was not prepared for an entertaining and fascinating look into the past of the Highlanders. This is well worth a read no matter your motivation. It's great history made relevant to us today. As an aside, I think this book should be a companion for Scottish historical romance books. It's that good.

Kudos to the author who makes the history interesting and relevant...and shows us why there is sometimes sadness when we view today's Scotland. I've traveled to Scotland more than once and felt that sadness. If the proud Scots had been allowed to develop on their own and govern themselves, and the English had not destroyed a way of life, we might have an even richer Scotland today. Certainly we would have more of the castles left. I have both Scottish and English blood so I'm not speaking only as a Scot. But I do regret what might have been for Scotland. And for the romance readers, perhaps if so many English had not intermarried with the Scots, we'd have taller, more rugged Scottish men today…no?

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