Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Review: Mary Wine’s HIGHLAND HEAT – Superb Steamy Scottish Romance!

This is the third in Wine's 15th century Highlander series (TO CONQUER A HIGHLANDER, HIGHLAND HELLCAT and HIGHLAND HEAT), and though all are good, I believe it is the best. To me it stands out from the other two and finishes the trilogy perfectly. I will definitely read it again.

HIGHLAND HEAT tells the story of Quinton Cameron (Earl of Liddell, laird of the Camerons and a friend of Conner Lindsey), and Deirdre Chattan, ruined sister of Conner's wife, Brina--all who appeared in book #2.

The year is 1439, two years after Deirdre (who was betrothed to Conner) was seduced by Melor Douglas in his plan to undo the Lindsey alliance with the Chattans. Deirdre, now shamed and her dowry given to the church, is living at the abbey where her sister Kaie serves, a contented nun. Though she works hard, Deirdre is not content. One night, the Queen of Scotland and mother of young James II, Joan Beaufort, comes to the abbey seeking sanctuary. She asks Deirdre, who resembles the Queen in appearance, to pretend to be her so that she might escape to marry again. Deirdre, a woman of courage, who longs to earn a place of honor, agrees. Meanwhile, Quinton Cameron, a man who has kissed Deirdre and stirred her blood like no other, has been searching for the Queen. His men kidnap Deirdre, dressed in the Queen's clothes, believing they have captured Queen Joan. They take her to Quentin's castle where the passion rages hot and heavy between Quinton and Deirdre. They are two stubborn souls; each has been betrayed by someone they loved. Quinton vows never to give his heart again though he will take a mistress, but being a mistress is not a place of honor and Deirdre will not have it after what she's been through.

Wine has delivered a superb historic tale and a sizzling romance with two strong, attractive characters. As always, her writing is excellent, the dialog well done, the period in time well described, the characters richly developed and the story woven like the most detailed tapestry. In this one, I can find no faults, no misses, no inconsistencies. I highly recommend Highland Heat—and Wine’s hot Highland trilogy.

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