Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Welcome to Scottish/Highlander Romance Month on my Blog!

Ah, Scotland…land of my heritage, land of my heart. There is no place on earth that calls to me more than Scotland, so it is no wonder that among my very favorite historical romances are the stories set in this land that has drawn so much passion over the centuries (and has been the scene of so much treachery as well!).

For all you Scottish historical romance lovers out there, this month I’ll feature reviews of great Scottish and Highlander romance novels, some fascinating articles about the wearing of the kilt and the origin of bagpipes, two wonderful guest bloggers who are authors of Scottish historical romances—and my Best Scottish/Highlander Historical Romances List!

So sign up to receive posts and I’ll keep you enthralled with tales of Scotland and those Highlander hunks!

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