Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Review: Nadine Crenshaw’s CAPTIVE MELODY – Wonderful Love Story Set in 19th century California

This was Crenshaw’s second historical novel following her Golden Heart winner, MOUNTAIN MISTRESS (another 5 star romance). Like her first and all her others, it’s a keeper. I have only found a handful of other romance authors who are so consistently good, who deliver a 5 star story every single time.

This story pits a hurting vengeance-seeking hero against an innocent, courageous heroine who is thrown so many disasters, you will think you are reading the Perils of Pauline. Like many of Crenshaw’s, it includes treachery, a cruel villain and a heroine who needs convincing of the hero’s ever-consistent love. It’s one thing I love about Crenshaw: her heroes never stop loving their women. Yes, they get angry, but they fall in love early in the story and never give up.

Laura Upton wanted adventure and freedom from her controlling stepmother who drilled Laura unmercifully to make her a concert pianist, so Laura left her home in the East to travel alone to California in 1881. The first day she stepped off the train, she stumbled into the arms of Richard Laird, an overpowering rancher who started making decisions for her and the next thing she knew, she was engaged to him. On her wedding day, she regrets her hasty decision because the man she just married frightens her. But before the wedding night, Andre Sheridan abducts her. Andre has waited five years for Richard Laird to take a wife, so he could have his revenge on the man who raped and destroyed Andre’s young Chinese bride. He intended to steal Laird’s bride and use her to lure Laird into a fight so he can kill him. The young bride Andre stole was of no importance to him, but then he is won by her beauty, innocence and dignity. Instantly attracted to Laura, he cannot imagine any woman of quality willing to wed the evil Laird. And that is just the beginning of this complex tale.

It will hold your attention, I promise. I recommend it!

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