Monday, July 2, 2012

New Review: Cynthia Wright’s CAROLINE – Great Post Revolutionary War Romance and a Wonderful Beginning to the Beauvisage Series

Cynthia Wright launched her career in 1977 with the publication of CAROLINE when she was just twenty-three. First in her Beauvisage series, this one is set in 1783, just after the Revolutionary War.

Alexandre (“Sacha”) Beauvisage is returning from the war (where he has been a spy and a privateer) when he discovers a young woman in the Connecticut woods dressed as a boy. She has fallen off her horse and has no memory of her past, so she takes the name Caroline (“Caro”). It seems quite clear she is an innocent (she giggles). Alec, a womanizer, thinks he’d best take the beautiful young woman to his home in Philadelphia. On the way, he takes her innocence, then tells her to “forget it happened,” assuring her she’ll find a nice young man who will never know (Alec is definitely not an honorable man). In Philadelphia, Caro falls in love with Alec’s family and with him, but he continues to enjoy his mistresses and tries to hold her at a distance while her dangerous past finally becomes known.

Wright pays close attention to historical detail and incorporates real historical figures into her story like George Washington. The descriptions of Colonial Philadelphia will have you feeling like you’ve lived there. She brings to life the period of American history just after the War of Independence with a tale that has many twists and turns. In fact, all of her novels in this and the Raveneau series will take you deep into American history and the politics of the era. I recommend them. On my website, look for the Amazon widget with her bundled eBooks--a great value!

Here is the Beauvisage series:


But if you like reading a series in time order, as I do, here are the books in
both of Wright’s intertwined Raveneau and Beauvisage series, in chronological order:

1780 - SILVER STORM (also reviewed on my blog and it’s on my American Patriotic Romanceslist, too—it’s my favorite of Wright’s novels)
1814 - NATALYA
1818 - SILVER SEA (originally BARBADOS)

and TEMPEST (expected to be released in 2012)


  1. Thanks for that lovely, review, Regan! I've just posted a subtly revised version of CAROLINE with this gorgeous new cover. I made some changes in scenes that have been gnawing at me since publication of the e-book a year ago. CAROLINE was originally published in 1977 and my own vision of romance has evolved over the years.

    Alec is now a more mature alpha hero and Caro is a stronger heroine. The storyline is still intact for all those who have loved it for 35 years. CAROLINE is currently "free" in the iTunes store and I hope it will be free soon at Amazon!

    I'm looking forward to your Patriotic Romance Month! Your blog is wonderful.

  2. Cindy,
    You are too kind. And thanks so much for adding the note on the new eBook version. It's AMAZING to me you wrote that book at 23. I love the way you bring history to life--keep writing those wonderful historicals!