Monday, July 16, 2012

New Review: Joanna Bourne’s THE BLACK HAWK – Finally, Hawker! Great Installment in Spymaster Series!

The latest installment in Bourne’s Spymaster series is well worth the wait! And the Romance Writers of America thought so, too, because it won the coveted RITA award for Best Historical Romance in 2012!

For us fans of Bourne's work, finally we have Adrian’s (Hawker) story--Sir Adrian Hawkhurst, who in prior episodes was always a charmer, and always a man who loved women. In past works, we also caught a glimpse of the French girl, Justine DeCabrillac. Both become spies but for different countries. Once they were lovers. She was in the French Secret Service and Adrian, now head of British Intelligence, worked for England. After being separated for over 15 years, Adrian is happy to have her back in his bed, but he didn’t count on her arriving there half dead with a wound caused by one of his own black knives. But that is just where she ends up when an assassin tries to kill her—an attempt to frame him for murder.

Though they first met in the French Revolution when they were still children really, Hawker and Justine grew up to be talented and smart agents with a lot to offer their countries. The story is told through a series of flashbacks as their paths keep crossing from when they were young. While separated by years, their love endures. It’s a well-written, intriguing tale, and includes the kind of historic detail (France and England from 1794-1818), we have come to love in Bourne’s work.

Bourne does a great job of showing us how the characters of Justine and Hawk were forged in the fire of difficult circumstances early in life and then shaped by deep rents in history. We knew Hawker’s woman would have to be unusual, right? Well, she is! The action is complex and there are many players. You have to be awake to hold all that is happening in your head. Lots of twists and turns. Some of our favorites, Doyle and Pax, return for special appearances. Well researched and captivating.

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  1. I had trouble coming to terms with the separation too. So happy that they're finally together!