Thursday, August 16, 2012

Exotic Locale Historical Romances!

OK, so you’re home and you’re bored. Maybe the kids are in summer camp. You want an adventure, an around the world trip, or perhaps an ocean voyage--but without leaving your living room. And you want a good love story. But you’re tired of those set mostly in England, Ireland, Scotland and America? Well, I have just the list for you!

When I was a little girl, my mother taught me to read when I was 4 and told me I could travel the world through books. She was right. And were she still alive, she would love this list I’ve created just for you daydreamers out there who long to travel…historical romances set in exotic locales by some great authors. Though some might begin (or end) in England (or Ireland or America), they will quickly take you to another time and another place!

The Duke of Shadows by Meredith Duran (India)
The Book of Seven Delights by Betina Krahn (Morocco)
The Book of True Desires by Betina Krahn (Cuba and Mexico)
Forever and a Lifetime by Jennifer Horsman (Switzerland)
The Wind Dancer by Iris Johansen (Italy) and the sequel, Storm Winds (France)
The Golden Barbarian by Iris Johansen (Balkans and Sedikhan, a mythical desert
Hearts Beguiled by Penelope Williamson (France)
The Forbidden Rose by Joanna Bourne (France)
Broken Wing by Judith James (France, North Africa and the Mediterranean)
No Gentle Love by Rebecca Brandewyne (France, Africa, India and China)
Fields of the Sun by Nadine Crenshaw (Morocco, the Atlantic Ocean and Brazil)
Devil’s Embrace and Devil’s Daughter by Catherine Coulter (Italy and the
The Lily and the Falcon by Jannine Corte-Petska (Renaissance Italy)
The Lion's Daughter by Loretta Chase (Albania)
Splendor by Brenda Joyce (Russia)
The Captain of All Pleasures by Kresley Cole (Great Circle Race from England to
Australia) and the sequel, The Price of Pleasure (Oceania and Cape Town,
South Africa)
The Jacaranda Tree by Rebecca Brandewyne (Australia)
Night in Eden by Candice Proctor (Australia)
September Moon by Candice Proctor (Australian outback)
Whispers of Heaven by Candice Proctor (Tasmania)
Beyond Sunrise by Candice Proctor (the South Pacific, Polynesian islands)
The Hidden Heart by Laura Kinsale (South America, Tahiti and the Pacific)
The Spanish Rose by Shirlee Busbee (the Caribbean, the Spanish Main and Jamaica)
Night Shadow by Laura Renken (the Caribbean and the Spanish Main)
Till Dawn Tames the Night by Meagan McKinney (the High Seas and the Caribbean)
Across a Moonlit Sea, The Iron Rose and The Following Sea, the
Pirate Wolf trilogy by Marsha Canham (the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean and the
Spanish Main)
The Wind and the Sea by Marsha Canham (North Africa, the High Seas)

For more romances featuring pirates and Vikings, or Scottish or Irish romances (not included on this list), see those specific “best” lists under “Categories” on my blog.


  1. SO many cool settings!!! :) Great list Regan!

    Did you ever read Warrior by Zoe Archer? It was set in Mongolia... Very cool book!

    Lisa :)

    1. Glad you like the list, Lisa. No, I've not read Zoe Archer but she is a paranormal author and typically I read historical (with a few exceptions!). Mongolia sounds like a challenging place to set a romance.