Monday, August 6, 2012

New Review: Marsha Canham’s ACROSS A MOONLIT SEA - England's Sea Hawks and Romance on the High Seas--Wonderful!!

Marsha Canham has done it again! A wonderful first in her Pirate Wolf trilogy--adventure and love on the high seas!

Set in the time of Queen Elizabeth's "sea hawk" captains who ruled the seas with her tacit approval and disturbed the growing Spanish armada, this well-told tale features a wonderful heroine, Isabeau (“Beau”) Spence, a long-legged, red-haired beauty of 20, who stole away to sea as a young girl to be a part of her father's crew on his merchant ship. She is fearless, independent and an adventurer who loves life at sea--and with a secret talent that sets her apart. She has known betrayal in love only once, but it turned her away from men.

Tall, black-haired, blue-eyed French nobleman and sea captain Simon Dante, now a sea hawk for the British Crown, has also known betrayal in love and has no interest in marriage. He has his ship, a loyal crew and his love of the sea and he needs little else. Even his titles and many estates do not call to him. But Beau's spirit does. The fireworks between Beau and Dante begin almost immediately with her dagger pointed at his private parts. And yet they cannot seem to stay away from each other.

I loved this book...the high seas...battles at sea...I could almost hear the seagulls and smell the ocean. And then, too, it has mystery, intrigue...and passion--oh, such sweet passion. Thank you Marsha for another great one. This one will is a “keeper”—the kind that gets re-read, one I could not put it down.

I highly recommend the next two in the series as well: THE IRON ROSE and THE FOLLOWING SEA.

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