Thursday, November 8, 2012

New Review: Lisa Jackson’s SORCERESS – Unique Blend of Historical Romance and Fantasy/Paranormal Elements

I read Jackson’s Welsh trilogy (ENCHANTRESS, KISS OF THE MOON and OUTLAW) and loved it, and thought I’d read her second Welsh trilogy. SORCERESS, set in late 13th century Wales, is the third in that trilogy, a medieval romance with strong fantasy/paranormal elements. It can be read as a stand alone.

It tells of a legend of the Chosen One:

Sired by Darkness,
Born of Light,
Protected by the Sacred Dagger,
A ruler of all men, all beasts and beings,
It is he who shall be born on the Eve of Samhain.

Bryanna of Calon knew she was different, the only one of her siblings with powers and the ability to hear voices others did not. But it wasn’t until she was 16 that she learned her real mother was a woman considered a witch who died at the hands of evil men. Bryanna has the dagger, and has been given a quest to search out the gems that gave the dagger its power, and once she has it, she must use it to save the Chosen One. In her search for the jewels, she will encounter great evil. She will also find love with the warrior Gavyn whose father, a baron, hates and hunts him.

As the treasure hunt progresses, both Bryanna and Gavyn are hunted. They form a bond between them, unaware of the claim evil has staked for Bryanna.

A fascinating, though in some places slow moving tale from old Wales, Jackson has done a great job of weaving fantasy into historical romance. She includes much historic detail on the castle and village life at the time, adding amazing realism. The plot is complex and many characters come together for the dramatic final scene. Though there are a few places where the evil actions of the villain were a bit much and the pagan references a bit repetitive, still I was entertained and happy to read on.

I recommend it, particularly for historical romance fans who like fantasy, too.

The trilogy:


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