Sunday, December 9, 2012

New Review: Renee Vincent’s THE TEMPERATE WARRIOR – Wonderful Installment in the Viking Saga: Gustaf’s Story

Vincent’s latest addition to her Emerald Isle Viking novels will satisfy those who have been waiting for Gustaf’s story. He’s the Viking warrior who is the older brother of Daegan, the hero in RAELIKSEN, book 1 in the Emerald Isle trilogy.

Set in 923 AD, it tells the story of Gustaf and Aesa, who first met in MAC LIAM, book 2 in the Emerald Isle trilogy. For 23 years, Gustaf has hunted and killed the ten men who killed his father on orders from the King of Norway. From one of the murderers he located on Iceland, he stole a redheaded woman, Aesa, who was a sex slave from the age of 14 when she was first captured. Kept as a thrall, but now freed by Gustaf, she calls him her temperate warrior. Finally Gustaf and his men have completed their mission and can settle down. Gustaf wants only Aesa, but there are evil men about he must still deal with for her to be safe.

Vincent writes well and has obviously done her research to accurately describe the culture of the Norsemen. You’ll enjoy this well written continuation of the story, though I do think you’ll find the second half more exciting than he first with some excellent fight scenes. (The first has quite a few steamy love scenes as Gustaf and Aesa reunite after a separation.) As always, there are side stories, and even a side romance for one of Gustaf’s warriors.

For the beginning of the romance between Gustaf and Aesa you’ll need to read MAC LIAM. And to understand that one, you’ll have to first read RAELIKSEN.

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  1. Lovely review, Regan! Thank you so much for sharing your opinion about my latest Viking romance. Long live the sons of Rælik!