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Favorite Author: Jennifer Blake - Timeless Historical Romances

By any standard, Jennifer Blake (aka Patricia Maxwell for her early books) is a truly successful author of historical romance. She writes the stories that do not lose their luster with the passing of time. Not surprisingly, she has been called a “pioneer of the romance genre” and an “icon of the romance industry.” But don’t think she is just an icon of the past. Oh, no. Her romances will thrill the new reader as well as her longtime fans. She writes keepers! 

A New York Times and international best selling author since 1977 with her first novel, Love’s Wild Desire (reviewed on my blog this week), Jennifer is a charter member of Romance Writers of America, member of the RWA and Affaire de Coeur Halls of Fame, and recipient of the RWA Lifetime Achievement RITA. 
Jennifer holds numerous other honors, including two “Maggies,” two Holt Medallions, multiple Reviewer’s Choice awards, the Career Achievement Award from Romantic Times Book Reviews Magazine, and the Frank Waters Award for literary excellence. 

She has written more than 65 novels with translations in 20 languages and more than 30 million copies in print worldwide. Jennifer and her husband live on a lake in northern Louisiana (which explains the settings for some of her wonderful novels!).

Jennifer will be a guest on my blog this Thursday, March 7th, defending bodice rippers (of which she has written many) and their timeless appeal. Join us and comment to win her Royal Princes boxed set!

[Note: In the list of her novels below, an * next to a book means it’s one of her bodice rippers!]

The Boxed Sets (all eBooks):

Fierce Eden
Louisiana Dawn
Embrace and Conquer*

Spanish Serenade
Perfume of Paradise
Prisoner of Desire
Southern Rapture

Arrow to the Heart
Midnight Waltz
Silver-Tongued Devil
Tender Betrayal*

Love’s Wild Desire*
The Storm and The Splendor*

Surrender in Moonlight
Notorious Angel*
Golden Fancy*

Royal Seduction*
Royal Passion

Individual novels:

Medieval (Three Graces trilogy):
Seduced By Grace, 2011 – Late Medieval England
By Grace Possessed, 2011 -- Late Medieval England
By His Majesty’s Grace, 2011 -- Late Medieval England

Masters at Arms Series (all set in 1850s in New Orleans):
Challenge To Honor, 2005
Dawn Encounter, 2006
Rogue’s Salute, 2007
Guarded Heart, 2008
Gallant Match, 2009
Triumph In Arms, 2010

Royal Princes of Ruthenia Duo:
Royal Seduction, 1983 – 1820s, Louisiana*
Royal Passion, 1986

Single Titles: (Note the Gothic romances will be released later this spring as eBooks)

Secret of Mirror House, 1970 – Gothic Romance, Louisiana
Stranger At Plantation Inn, 1971 – Gothic Romance, Louisiana
Court Of The Thorn Tree, 1973 – Gothic Romance, Louisiana
Dark Masquerade, 1974 – Gothic Romance, Louisiana
Bride Of A Stranger, 1974 – Gothic Romance, Louisiana
Notorious Angel, 1977 – 1850s New Orleans and Central America*
Love’s Wild Desire, 1977 – Antebellum Louisiana*
Sweet Piracy, 1978 (short romance circa 1820s New Orleans)
Night Of The Candles, 1978 – Gothic Romance, Louisiana
Tender Betrayal, 1979*
The Storm And The Splendor, Fawcett/Ballantine, 1979*
Golden Fancy, 1980 – Late Victorian, Colorado Gold Camp*
Embrace And Conquer, 1981 – 1700s, New Orleans And The Caribbean*
Surrender In Moonlight, 1984 –Civil War Blockade Runner
Midnight Waltz, 1985  – Antebellum Louisiana, Hurricane At Isle Derniere
Fierce Eden, 1985 – 1730s Louisiana, Native American/French Hero
Prisoner Of Desire, 1986  – Antebellum Louisiana
Louisiana Dawn, 1987 – 1750s New Orleans
Southern Rapture, 1987 – Reconstruction Era Louisiana
Perfume Of Paradise, 1988 – 1803, Haiti and New Orleans
Spanish Serenade, 1990 – 1780s Spain, New Orleans & Texas
Wildest Dreams, 1992 – Contemporary & Historical Intertwined Stories, New Orleans and Europe
Arrow To The Heart, 1993  – Antebellum Louisiana
Silver-Tongued Devil, 1996 – Antebellum Louisiana

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