Sunday, March 31, 2013

New Review: Kimberleigh Caitlin’s NIGHTWITCH – Queen Elizabeth’s Sea Hawks, a Spanish Captain of Legend and a worthy heroine!

This is one of the early historical romance novels by Kimberly Cates, who is now writing as Ella March Chase (it took me a while to ascertain all that!). It’s a good one and I recommend it!

Set in 1588 at the time Queen Elizabeth’s sea hawks ruled the seas and Sir Francis Drake defeated the Spanish Armada, this is the story of half English sea captain, Rafael Santadar, who sailed for Spain and was shipwrecked on the English coast. In a bizarre twist of fate, as legend foretold, he rescues Tessa Ravenscroft from an angry mob who called her a witch—an English girl the fairies gave to her parents when she was a babe. Rafe and Tessa soon fall in love, but their competing loyalties and their countries’ demands will tear them apart.

This is a worthy tale from a great romance author. She seamlessly weaves in the court of Queen Elizabeth (who is one of the characters) and the scheming and plotting that went on behind the scenes. Caitlin also incorporates the nightmare that was the Spanish Inquisition. There are wonderful characters here, including a gallant sea captain hero and a brave heroine. Also lots of angst, action and adventure. A worthy read for the historical romance lover who likes history with her romance.

One thing to note: Though the cover is beautiful, the heroine has black, not red, hair and the hero’s hair is long to his nape. And he’s a sea captain so there should be a ship in there somewhere! Since there isn't,  I'm giving you a picture to ponder of the Spanish Armada's defeat portrayed in the book:

Cates wrote three historicals under the name Kimberleigh Caitlin and I've reviewed two of them (Nightwylde and this one) on my blog; both are great stories:


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