Monday, April 15, 2013

Favorite Author Laurie McBain: Every One a Keeper!

California author Laurie McBain was always passionate about art and history. Her father, who encouraged her, helped her write her first historical romance in 1975.

That first novel, Devil's Desire, made her a part of the seminal generation of modern romance writers and you will see it on my How We Got To Where We Are Today recommended reading list for the uninitiated when I post it later this month. I am a huge fan of McBain's detailed, meticulously written and captivating historical novels.

Amazingly, her first two novels, Devil's Desire and Moonstruck Madness, each sold over a million copies. After the death of her father, with only seven novels published, McBain decided to retire from the publishing world in 1985. Sadly, the world of historical romance lost a truly great author. 

I’ll be featuring reviews of her books on my blog this week. Stop by to read my praise for some superb historical love stories—ones that should be on your “keeper” shelf!

Single Novels: Devil's Desire (1975), Tears Of Gold (1979), Wild Bells To The Wild Sky (1983) and When The Splendor Falls (1985)

Dominick Trilogy: Moonstruck Madness (1977), Chance The Winds Of Fortune (1980), and Dark Before The Rising Sun (1982)

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