Monday, April 8, 2013

Favorite Author: Rosemary Rogers – Queen of Historical Romance

Called the "Queen of Historical Romance," Rosemary Rogers is a prolific, award-winning author of vividly realistic, tortured tales of love and hate. Beginning in 1974 with her first novel, Sweet Savage Love, she became known as a best selling author. Sweet Savage Love has become one of the most popular historical romances of all time.

Her second novel, Dark Fires, sold two million copies in its first three months of release. Her first three novels sold a combined 10 million copies. The fourth, Wicked Loving Lies, sold 3 million copies in its first month of publication.
Rogers was one of the first romance authors to extend her scenes into the bedroom. Her novels are often full of violence, and the heroine may be raped, sometimes by the “hero.”

Though many might criticize her you can’t argue with her success. Besides, Rogers says, "The readers are the real critics." Her heroines may be in the American West or may travel to exotic locations to meet important people, not unlike Rogers own amazing life.

Her thoughts on her own success should encourage other authors. She states, “It's not luck that brought me where I am, it's hard work.”

Morgan-Challenger Series (for which she is most famous)

Sweet Savage Love (1974) (Steve and Ginny)
Dark Fires (1975) (Steve and Ginny)
Wicked Loving Lies (1976) (Dominic and Marisa)
Lost Love, Last Love (1980) (Steve and Ginny)
Bound by Desire (1988) (Steve and Ginny’s daughter)
Savage Desire (2000) (Steve and Ginny)

Logan Duology

An Honorable Man (2002)
Return to Me (2003)

Single Novels

The Wildest Heart (1974)
The Crowd Pleasers (1978)
The Insiders (1979)
Love Play (1981)
Surrender to Love (1982)
The Wanton (1985)
Tea Planter's Bride (1995)
Dangerous Man (1996)
Midnight Lady (1997)
All I Desire (1998)
In Your Arms (1999)
A Reckless Encounter (2001)
Jewel of My Heart (2004)
Sapphire (2005)
A Daring Passion (2007)
Scandalous Deception (2008)
Bound By Love (2009)
Scoundrel's Honor (2010)
Bride for a Night (2011)


  1. Sweet Savage Love changed my life. I'm not kidding. I had never read anything like it. The scene under the wagon when Steve seduced Ginny --Wow! I didn't like the drugs and violence in her books, but they set me on a path of reading sexy historicals and I have never turned back.

    1. Kellianne, I do know what you mean. I didn't like all of it but couldn't help giving it 5 stars it was so well done. And it influenced the genre so it's on my list you'll see at the end of the month. A bodice ripper with an edge!

  2. Thank you so much for the organized listing of one of my most favorite authors......she's an amazing author with so much talent....her books are ALL must reads;0)

    1. S Glup: I am so glad you found this helpful! My blog is for readers just like you!