Saturday, April 6, 2013

New Review: Candace McCarthy’s SEA MISTRESS – Fascinating 19th Century American High Seas Romance

This is a story of second chances as a young couple in love rediscover the deep feelings they once had for each other, feelings they buried long ago. I recommend it.

Set in 1845 (prologue) and 1850, this is the story of Elizabeth ("Bess") Metcalf, orphaned and raised by her uncle who is a merchant shipping magnate. As a young woman she fell in love with and gave herself to a young sailor, Seth Garret, who she believed abandoned her after their passionate love affair. 

Five years later when her uncle dies and leaves her the business, she decides to have her revenge on the man who wronged her, now Captain Seth Garret. In pursuit of him, she stows aboard his ship, a ship that is now one of her company's assets, a Clipper ship on its way to California from the East Coast of America. She intends to show him what it means to be betrayed.

This was my first by McCarthy and I really enjoyed it. She kept me turning pages as the many twists and turns in the story had me wondering what would come next. And I loved the shipboard setting--a Clipper ship from the "age of sail." She got the terminology right, too. You'll experience a storm rounding the Cape on the way to San Francisco and many escapades on the way. The characters are well developed and the emotions real.


  1. Thanks for another helpful review. This looks like another book I want to read!

  2. Thanks for introducing me to Candace McCarthy. I hope ALL of her books come out in Kindle. I note that quite a few will be out in May. I just have no more room for paperbacks (sniff). What I have that are not "keepers" for me I donate to the local library. In any event, I will be on the lookout for more of Candace's books. I appreciate your review. Janice