Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Welcome to Scottish/Highlander Romance month on my blog!

“Above her, the triple summit of Ben Cruachan overhung the loch like a thundercloud; and the hills lay piled against one another, more purple than the heather, bluer than the still loch waters, lifting against the heart-shaking blue of a summer sky. It was no longer the Scotland of rain and mist, and whaups crying before a high wind; it was an enchanted place, touched with magic, as if each moor and hill had taken to itself the gay wild lilt of the Gaelic heart.”

                                                                             From Bride of the MacHugh by Jan Cox Speas

May is Scottish and Highlander romance month on my blog. I'll be featuring reviews of wonderful romances to treasure and a special post on the wearing of the plaid, and, of course, I'll post my Best List.

Join me in a tribute to Scotland's past and the courageous Scots men and women who have made the country great. And to put you in the mood, watch this short video of the Highlands set against the music of Braveheart!


  1. On that one snippet alone, I am going to add "The Bride of The McHugh" to my TBR list! Very nice writing! Thank you so much for sharing it. ;o)

    And the video is the music too! ;o)


    1. Susan, my review of Bride of the MacHugh is just below this post. And, yes, it's worth paying the price to get it used.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed it very much.

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    1. I hope you stay with me the whole month, Leah!

  4. I'm hooked and look forward to a wonderful and exciting month. Thanks so very much. My favorite reads being Historical Scottish Romance. Bride of The MacHugh is already on my TRL.
    Thanks again and Happy Beltane.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

    1. Carol, I am so glad you are joining me for this month. I look forward to it, too! All those Highland hunks...hmm. By the way Bride of the MacHugh is reviewed on my blog just before this post and I'll be reviewing another wonderful Scottish romance by Speas right after this post.