Monday, June 3, 2013

New Review: Kaki Warner’s COLORADO DAWN – 2nd in the Brides Trilogy is Simply Delightful!

Second in the Brides trilogy (Heartbreak Creek, Colorado Dawn and Bride of the High Country), this is a great tale and continues from the first book with a Scottish hero and an English and their difficult romance in the Old West.

Set in the Colorado Territory in 1870, this is the story of Maddie Wallace, who we met in book one—the English auburn-haired beauty with a soft heart whose Highlander husband went off to fight for the British and forgot about her. Or, as Maddie tells him when he accuses her of running away, “I didn’t run. I drifted away. And you let me.” Maddie came to Colorado to pursue her dream as a photographer capturing life in the West from a woman’s point of view. And she becomes a huge success. Meanwhile, her Scottish husband, now a viscount, catches up with her. He needs heirs and intends for her to be the one to deliver them.

Warner has a gift for dialog and creating unique characters. There are many in this book (including a really nasty villain). You’ll find yourself laughing out loud as Declan Brodie, the hero from Heartbreak Creek, interacts with our hero, the Scottish military warrior, Angus Wallace or “Ash” as he is known, and Thomas Redstone, the Cheyenne dog soldier. Ash is a hoot when he tries to coral the women like a military maneuver. And joining Maddie are the other two “brides,” Edwina (Declan’s wife) and Lucinda, the New Yorker who came west with a valise full of money and railroad certificates, and Pru, a woman of color and Edwina’s half sister who is still dealing with the memory of her capture by Lone Tree, a renegade Indian.
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I loved the interaction between Thomas and Pru, another love story in the making. Warner does so well with their personalities, holding true to Pru’s keen intelligence and desire to avoid altercations and Thomas’ Cheyenne patience and protection all the while he wants so much more from her. 
This is such a worthy romance with lots of action, adventure, dry wit and endearing scenes in a well-developed plot. Much research went into this book and the descriptions are vivid and detailed. There are a few forms of address issues and in British rules of title, an heir apparent wouldn't take a courtesy title, but these minor things did not detract from what was a great story. I love that the story continues from book 1 and I get to join these great characters as they continue to pursue their dreams. Read the books in order so you don’t miss a thing!

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