Sunday, July 28, 2013

New Review: Cordia Byers’s DEVON – Revolutionary War Saga of an English Girl and a Spy for the American Rebels

Set in 1777, in the time of the Revolutionary War, this is the story of Devon Mackinsey, the illegitimate daughter of a Scottish lord who, caring nothing for her, consigned her to the kitchens of their estate. A kind butler helped introduce her to the grandmother she never knew who saves her from a life as a scullery maid. Sent away to a proper lady’s school, Devon becomes a well-mannered beauty who resorts to crime as the infamous Shadow to save her family’s estate from its many debts. But when wealthy heir to Lord Barclay, Hunter Barclay discovers her stealing his uncle's silver, they make a bargain -- one kiss for silence about both her secret and his (he's a spy for the Rebel colonists).

Devon and Hunter part that night, but Hunter must intervene again to save Devon from the gallows when a cruel English lord would have his vengeance upon her for another theft. Hunter’s intervention grants Devon her life in exchange for a lifetime as Hunter’s bond slave. He takes her to the Colonies, and on the way, he claims her as his mistress, never telling her he will marry another woman when they reach Virginia. Nor does he tell Devon of his dual life as a Royalist and an American Revolutionary.

I have loved others by Byers so I was not surprised I loved this one, too. It’s well told with lots of sexual tension and great action—kept me reading late into the night. There are a few improbable elements but none so ridiculous they bothered me. Beyers made them seem plausible. Devon is a worthy heroine, just the kind I like: a courageous young woman who rises to every challenge life throws at her. Hunter begins as a selfish though patriotic rogue who takes Devon’s innocence thinking only of his own pleasure, but gets caught in his obsession with the lovely girl. I recommend this one.

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  1. I've just been traveling a Revolutionary/Civil War path. Sounds like something I'd especially love right now!