Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New Review: Jennifer Blake’s SURRENDER IN MOONLIGHT – Captivating Adventure with the Blockade Runners of the Civil War

I should just say at the outset that I love Jennifer Blake’s historical romances. They are so well written with lots of sexual tension and wonderful heroes and heroines. Like many of her early ones, this one is written from the heroine’s perspective, making the hero that much more mysterious. It’s a wonderful story of the blockade runners who risked their lives to supply the Confederacy during the Civil War. And it’s the story of an unlikely meeting that led to a legacy of love.

The story begins in 1863, two years into the Civil War, as Lorna Forrester is forced to marry a moron to clear up her uncle’s debt. But the night before the wedding she takes shelter from a thunderstorm only to fall prey to the seduction of a handsome blockade-runner named Ramon Cazenave, who is happy to take the innocence of the woman promised to the son of the man who stole his family’s home. As New Orleans falls to the Federal naval forces, Ramon sweeps Lorna to safety in Nassau where she begins a new life but neither Ramon nor Lorna can forget the passion they found in that thunderstorm.

Lorna is a heroine to love, a woman who became the obsession of all the men who knew her yet loved only one man. And Ramon is the reluctant war hero who claimed to do it all for money while he was a patriot in his heart. It’s a great story of worthy men and women in a historic time in American. I also loved the Author’s Note at the end that documented the incredible amount of research Blake did for this book. I think you will like it.

This is a part of the boxed eBook set Love and Adventure Part 2:

Surrender in Moonlight
Notorious Angel
Golden Fancy

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