Saturday, August 10, 2013

New Review: Marsha Canham’s THE WIND AND THE SEA - Great Escape on the High Seas!

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No one weaves a high seas romance better than Marsha Canham and this is a great one. Originally published in 1986, it is set in 1804 along the Barbary Coast. It’s is a story of great emotions--of courage, hatred, passion, jealousy, betrayal and revenge.

Courtney Farrow's parents' marriage had been a love match until the guillotine took her mother. Her father, Duncan Farrow, a handsome red haired Irishman, became a famous Barbary Coast pirate taking his revenge on French ships and raising the daughter his beloved wife gave him—raising her like a son. Courtney can fight as well as a boy even dressing the part and cutting her hair short.

Duncan Farrow became good at his game, amassing a huge fortune he secreted away in America for Courtney. But then he was betrayed, and an American warship came after his ships and his men. Among the spoils the American officer claimed was "Court," who at 19, still passed for a boy, even with her large green eyes and auburn hair.

Tall, sandy-haired American 1st Lieutenant Adrian Ballantine believes Court's father is a murderer and he believes Court is a lad so he takes her as his cabin boy. He is her enemy and the hatred is strong between them until he discovers she is a woman. Add passion to hatred and you get an explosive mix. Meanwhile, Court vows to find the traitor who betrayed her father and have her revenge.
1986 Cover

I loved the length of this tale, a good long romance, but even then, I didn't want it to end. So, it's another great romance for all who love adventure on the high seas and who want a change from the usual fare—and from an author who knows how to do it well!

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