Sunday, September 1, 2013

New Review: Susan King’s ANGEL KNIGHT – In the time of Robert the Bruce, there is a legend of gold…

Set in Scotland n 1306-1307, when Edward I reigned in England and Robert the Bruce would become King of Scotland, this is the story of Lady Christian MacGillean, a Scottish heiress and follower of her cousin the Bruce, and who burned her own castle in Western Scotland to keep the English from getting it.

Sir Gavin Faulkener, an English knight, whose mother was a Scot, encounters Christian when she is a prisoner of Edward, and at death’s door because she is kept in a cold cage. Gavin rescues her and, without her awareness, marries her with permission of the English king. Christian takes his new bride back to Kilglassie Castle, which is now his, only to find ruins and his bride a rebel. The English want the gold believed to be hidden in the castle, but the only gold Christian has is the gold medallion she gave to her adopted daughter to keep when she fled.

King’s story reflects much research into the history as she describes the castle, the environs and the politics of Scotland. There are also some mystical elements, including the legend of Merlin and the prophecy of the gold of Kilglassie Castle. The characters are well developed and the love between Christian and Gavin tenderly portrayed. There is a beautiful scene as King describes the harp that Christian plays. Lovers of romance set in the Highlands will want to read this one. Be prepared for a more leisurely pace, however, as King takes her time developing the story.

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