Tuesday, October 8, 2013

New Review: Anita Mills’ LADY OF FIRE – A Keeper of a Medieval Romance!

First published in 1987, this is book 1 in the Fire Series (see list below), it is now available for Kindle. This is one for the medieval romance keeper shelf. I loved it, and though it was my first by Mills, it will not be the last. (I'm reading the second in the series now...)

Set in 11th Century Normandy and England, this is the story of Eleanor of Nantes, daughter of a Norman count. She is young and innocent, but oh, so courageous and spirited. When King William first encounters her, she is defending her bastard half brother, Roger FitzGilbert, fighting off the bullies who are after him. The king is taken with the 12-year-old girl and would betroth her to his own son, Henry. But fate takes a harsh turn upon her mother’s death and Eleanor is sent to a convent. All the while, another man swears he will have her for his wife, the rich, powerful and cruel Robert of Belesme. However, Eleanor's heart belongs to Roger, who unknown to her, is not her brother at all which she discovers at 19 when she leaves the convent to be betrothed to Belesme.

Eleanor is a heroine to admire, consistent in her strength, intelligence and nobility of character. Roger is the kind of knight every woman longs for. He sees all Eleanor’s faults and loves her passionately and proudly, notwithstanding. Robert of Belesme, the villain who is obsessed with Eleanor, is terrible and cruel yet also strangely sympathetic (kudos to Mills to create such a complex character). The story is rich in historic details with an intricately woven plot, fast-moving dialog and suspenseful action.

It’s a page-turner and so well written. I recommend it!

The Fire Series:


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