Thursday, December 12, 2013

Favorite Author & NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author: Elizabeth Chadwick Brings Medieval England to Life!

English author of historical romance and historical fiction, Elizabeth Chadwick says she was born a storyteller. I’m convinced it is so. Her well-researched stories weave intricate tales from the medieval period holding us all enthralled. She makes you feel like you are there.

Elizabeth will be a guest on my blog on December 16th and I hope you all come back to hear her answers to my probing questions—and to comment for the giveaway! Two lucky readers will receive their choice of one of her novels.

Elizabeth’s novels go from the more romantic to the straight historical with romance involved. If you want the more romantic ones you will need to be looking at her early work (though I just reviewed The Outlaw Knight and I found it contained a wonderful love story, certainly enough romance for this romance reader). But the ones Elizabeth counts as “romance” are The Wild Hunt, The Running Vixen, The Leopard UnleashedThe Champion, The Conquest, Shields of PriceThe Love Knot and The Marsh King’s Daughter

Beyond those, the historicals, as Elizabeth says, while still containing a good dose of romance, are biographical fiction and follow true-life stories.

As for recognition, she has had much. In 1998, her novel The Champion was shortlisted for the Romantic Novelists Association Parker Pen Award for the Best Romantic Novel of the year. She has been a finalist three times since and nominated twice besides that. Last year, The Scarlet Lion was nominated as one of the ten landmark historical novels of the decade by the Historical Novel Society founder Richard Lee. A Place Beyond Courage, the story of the great William Marshal’s father (equally great in his own way in Elizabeth’s opinion) was selected by the UK bookshop chain Waterstones as one of their Best Books of 2008. To Defy a King won the RNA Award for Historical Fiction in 2011.

In 2009, Sourcebooks began to publish her work in the US, beginning with The Greatest Knight and The Scarlet Lion. They have since published The Time of Singing as For The King’s Favor, To Defy a King, Lady of the English, A Place Beyond Courage and more titles are planned.

Her novels:

The Ravenstow Trilogy:

·       The Wild Hunt
·       The Running Vixen
·       The Leopard Unleashed 


·       Shields Of Pride
·       The Conquest
·       The Champion
·       The Love Knot
·       The Marsh King’s Daughter

Stand Alone

·       Lady of the English

Mystical/Fantasy Element

·       Daughters of the Grail

Film Tie-In

·       First Knight (which she was asked to write)
Novels with Protagonists who Actually Lived

·       The Winter Mantle
·       The Falcons of Montabard
The Fitzwarin Novels

·       Shadows and Strongholds
·       Lords of the White Castle (The Outlaw Knight in the US)

The Marshal Novels

·       A Place Beyond Courage
·       The Greatest Knight
·       The Scarlet Lion
·       The Time Of Singing (For The King’s Favor in the US)
·       To Defy A King

The Bigod Novels

·       The Time of Singing (For The King’s Favor in the US)
·       To Defy a King


The Eleanor of Aquitaine Novels
·       The Summer Queen
·       The Winter Crown
·       The Autumn Throne


  1. Hi Regan, I'm looking forward to taking part in your Elizabeth Chadwick feature. I'm happy to answer questions that anyone may have, and thank you for having me!

    1. It is truly an honor to have you on my blog this month, Elizabeth. Do let your followers know as I'm certain they will want to read the interview!

  2. I'm looking forward to stopping by again. I'll mark my calendar. Thank you Regan and Elizabeth.

    1. Wonderful, Eileen! And check out my review on the 14th of The Outlaw Knight.

  3. I have enjoyed several of Chadwick's novels, most recently Shadows and Strongholds. I will most certainly be back for the interview!