Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New Review: Jennifer Horsman’s WITH ONE LOOK – A Keeper of a Pirate Tale set in old New Orleans, and a Love Story with two very Extraordinary People!

Set in New Orleans in 1818 where voodoo, pirates, and various religions, races and cultures clash, it tells the story of Victor Nolte, a “pirate of pirates,” a successful shipbuilder and the handsome son of a respected priest, and Jade Terese Devon, a beautiful, well-educated girl who Victor meets one night at the opera. He was strongly attracted to her—until he discovered she is blind.

From the first time he sees her, Victor knows he will not be having only a brief liaison with beautiful Jade Terese. But he had no idea he would find the seemingly innocent girl in a bordello being sold to the highest bidder.

There’s something for everyone in this captivating love story from old New Orleans: a noble but flawed hero who can’t seem to get around the fact the woman he loves is blind; a young woman who sees only good when she looks at life despite the terrible things it’s handed her; a cast of wonderful secondary characters, including a seer who seems to aid Victor at critical times; and lots of action, mystery and some mystical elements, as well. All very well done. Of course, since this is by Horsman, you know there’s a dog to love—two actually, “Hamlet,” and “Wolf Dog” (who is really a wolf).

I thought Horsman’s treatment of how the mind and body react to horrors too horrible to remember was nothing short of brilliant. She weaves a complex tale with many threads that will hold you captive.

This is definitely one for the keeper shelf and I highly recommend it.

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