Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New Review: Susan Grant’s ONCE A PIRATE –Time Travel Pirate Romance!

New Cover

I don’t typically read time travels as they are often a bit light on the historical side, but this one has enough of the real setting to satisfy. Grant has blended a sort of pirate saga set in the late Regency era with a modern heroine who is sophisticated in technical things and carries a modern weapon. It was Grant’s debut novel and reflects her knowledge as a former Air Force pilot (later an airline pilot).

The story begins as F-18 Navy fighter pilot Lt. Carly Callahan, flying in weather off the coast of Spain, is forced to eject when she loses her instruments and her engine flames out—only to find she has landed in the ocean just after a battle in 1821. Sir Andrew Spencer, captain of the Merryweather, and a sometimes pirate, fishes her out of the ocean, believing her to be Lady Amanda Paxton, the only survivor of the destroyed ship and the betrothed of a duke. A duke who is bent on destroying Andrew. Andrew decides to hold Carly for ransom, but he begins to care for her. Still, while he desires her, he can never marry Lady Amanda.
Original Cover

Most of the story takes place on Andrew’s ship and his island where we learn about his family and his proclivities toward inventing rotor machines (think helicopters). Grant did an excellent job of weaving in the historical and the modern, all except for the hero whose reactions to learning about Carly’s sexual experience are very 21st century. The ending is sweet and worth waiting for. Of course, you have to suspend belief completely but still, it was heartwarming.

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