Tuesday, March 11, 2014

New Review: Brit Darby’s EMERALD PRINCE – A Wonderful Tale from Medieval Ireland with a Legend, a Worthy Hero and a Courageous Heroine!

This was my first by the writing team of Patricia McAllister and Fela Dawson Scott, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! The novel reflects considerable research and careful attention to historical detail in this tale from 13th century Ireland.

The story begins in 937 (prologue) on Inisdeven Island in Eire (Ireland) as the Nordic Vikings descend on St. Gall’s priory. The only monk remaining alive is young Donal to whom a dying Viking gives a large Emerald that he says must find its way to a female in his line—a descendant of the Fairy Queen Fand.

Hundreds of years later, in 1209 in England, Lady Alianor Coventry (“Nora”) is widowed when her older knight husband dies, a man she greatly loved and admired who was like a father to her. King John, tired of his pregnant wife Isabella, is pleased to learn the fetching young heiress of Coventry is now free to be his plaything. But Nora wants to help her people, something the king has no intention of allowing. Given a choice between becoming the king’s leman or marrying the Norman madman Quintin de Lacy, she chooses neither, but is nevertheless shipped off to de Lacy in Ireland. On the way, she is abducted by the outlaw, Liam Caomhanach, the one the Irish call “the Emerald Prince,” a man foretold by legend.

I thought the authors did an excellent job of incorporating history and the legend of the Emerald Prince into the story. That is so important to me as I like real history in my historical romance. They have created wonderful characters with a rich backstory—and some real life persons, like King John, Queen Isabella and even William Marshall. Both Liam and Nora are compelling--both unselfish and courageous to the end.

It’s a great tale, well told, and I recommend it for you lovers of Irish medieval romance. It’s on my best list!


  1. I think this was my favorite novel by BritDarby; however, everytime they publish a new one, it becomes my favorite. A great team they make. I look forward to more good reading. Jo Martin

    1. Jo, thanks for the comment. Be sure and comment on their post today (March 13) to qualify for the Amazon gift card promotion.