Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New Review: Aleen Malcolm’s THE TAMING – A Poignant Love Story from the Highlands of Scotland after the Battle of Culloden

This post Culloden story set in Scotland, beginning in 1761, tells of Sir Alex Sinclair, the son of a laird who was exiled following the battle in 1746. When we first meet Alex, he is 25 and living in Scotland, called to Cape Wrath at the top of the country by a friend of his father (the author includes a great map!). Once there, he learns he is to become guardian of a young hellion, Cameron (no last name), who rides a magnificent black stallion across the wild moors. Alex decides to bring the child back to his estate north of Edinburgh to try and tame the hellion. Along the way he discovers his ward is actually a 15-year-old girl, and worse, he’s attracted to her.

This story echoes the heart of the Highlands and the Scots who lost so much on the Culloden Moor. Alex tries to straddle two worlds—the past and the “new” Scotland dominated by the English. Cameron reminds him of “the spirit of true Scotland…wild and free but, alas, undisciplined and with no direction.” For her part, Cameron is struggling to live in a civilization she does not understand. She wants only to ride free and bathe naked in the lochs of the far north. She hates shoes and the female attire she is forced to wear in Edinburgh. She is courageous and endearingly honest, though at times her anger directed at Alex got tiring. Still, you can’t help but love her.

Just to tease you, I’ll tell you her past hides a powerful secret.

The story held my interest and the characters were wonderful, some even memorable. If you love the real Scottish historical romances, I think you might like this one. I recommend it.

This was my first by Malcolm and I intend to read more (see the trilogy below). The story of Alex and Cameron continues in book 2.

The Cameron trilogy:

The Taming
Ride Out the Storm
The Daughters of Cameron

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