Thursday, April 24, 2014

New Review: Katherine Vickery’s FLAME OF DESIRE – Mary Tudor's England Brought to Life in this Classic Love Story!

Set in London in 1553, this classic from Vickery is the story of Richard Morgan, a favorite of Mary Tudor, and Heather Bowen, a merchant’s daughter who saves him from an enemy who would see him dead. Their love story is set against a seething England divided by those who would support the Catholic heir to the throne of England and those who fear a return to the old ways. Plots of murder, treachery, a threatened forced marriage and Richard’s own mockery of a marriage will keep them apart.

Richard and Heather come to love early in their relationship yet it seems a union never meant to be. Some wonderful secondary characters contribute to a great story—and to their getting together.

In this well researched story, Vickery brings to life London in the tumultuous time in England’s history when a rising merchant class collided with the nobility used to having their privileges. The legacy of Henry VIII’s perfidy is center stage as he left no male heir, only two young women, both declared bastards so he could marry another.

I love the way Vickery has woven many details of history into her love story. It will draw you in, I promise, as it’s very well done! If you love reading about the Tudors, you’ll find this story a fascinating edition.

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