Tuesday, April 15, 2014

New Review: Madeline Hunter’s BY POSSESSION – 1st in the 14th Century London Series is a Keeper!

This is the 1st in Hunter’s 14th Century London series (see list below). It is an amazing romance...great historical setting, well drawn characters, realistic dialog for the period and a wonderful heartrending story of love that overcomes many obstacles.

It takes place in the time of King Edward II and tells the story of Addis de Valence, a high born nobleman and knight, and Moira Falkner, the daughter of a nobleman's mistress and a bondwoman to Valence (though she claims her mother's lover freed her). She has secretly loved Addis since she was 12 and was always there when he needed care or comforting, even though he was promised to the highborn Claire, Moira's friend. Addis married Claire, who was vain and selfish and deserted Addis when he was sorely wounded and it was thought he'd never walk again. Now back from years in captivity in the Baltic where he was taken in the Crusades as a slave, he fights to regain his rightful place, all the while wanting Moira by his side and without benefit of marriage. But she will not go the path of her mother.

You will love this story. I couldn't put it down. And just so you know, Madeline will be a guest on my blog this Thursday, so come back to see what she has to say about the classics and how historical romance has changed.

If you like to read things in date order, as I do, here is Hunter's Medieval historical series (two trilogies) in chronological order:

BY DESIGN (1328)


The hero and heroine in BY POSSESSION appear in BY DESIGN; and the two trilogies are linked by the character David de Abyndon, who is a secondary character in STEALING HEAVEN and the hero in BY ARRANGEMENT.


  1. Thanks for a wonderful review! This book is special to me.It was also the first of my stories to sell to a publisher :)

    1. You are most welcome, Madeline! And, as you might know, it's on my How We Got to Where We Are Today list that I'll post later this month!