Sunday, June 8, 2014

New Review: Cordia Byers’ STAR OF THE WEST – Love on a Wagon Train Going West!

This is a realistic adventure set in the Old West…and a winsome love story.

Set in Natchez, Mississippi and Texas about 1855, it tells the story of Star Grayson whose fiancé betrayed her. He only wanted her money and her family’s estate of Jasmine Hill, and is willing to threaten her with a murder accusation if she will not marry him. Through the help of the Underground Railroad, she flees and seeks refuge with a kind madam in a bordello. There she meets Kyle Hunter, a handsome Texas rancher who believes she is one of “the girls.”

With the murder accusation hanging over her head, Star leaves Natchez, disguised as a slave, on a wagon train headed to Texas. Unfortunately, the man she never wants to see again, Kyle Hunter, is leading the wagon train. Soon Kyle figures out the slave named Annie is the beautiful girl he met in the bordello—the girl whose innocence he claimed.

Much happens in this tale as Byers exposes us to the harsh realities of the West: cholera, the constant threat of Indians and the treachery of those willing to lie or kill to steal another’s wealth. And Star briefly experiences the life of a slave. There is also a second romance here with the story of Star’s aunt and Kyle’s father who fell in love 20 years ago but did not marry (at least not each other). A lot of story that will keep you intrigued.

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