Thursday, July 24, 2014

New Review: Marsha Canham’s STRAIGHT FOR THE HEART – Great Post Civil War Romance!

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As far as I'm concerned, this is one of Marsha Canham's best novels and that's saying something. While my favorite setting for a historical romance might not be the post Civil War South (Mississippi), but because it was written by Canham, I decided to take a gamble. It was worth it.

This is the story of proud Southerners and Yankees trying to pick up the pieces after the Civil War. It is also the story of the Courtland family and what the war did to them, and of two beautiful blonde, blue-eyed twin sisters so alike no one could tell them apart save for the heart-shaped gold lockets they wore with their individual initials on them. While looking alike, they are so different that one's good heart was like a beacon while the other's bad heart was selfish...she was bad to the bone.
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And, it's the story of love, Amanda's and Michael's, begun on a riverboat, the Mississippi Queen, with high stakes gambling, and a love that had to wait until the war was over.

Canham's writing is at its best here...she paints beautiful word pictures, she develops deep characters who make you cry and laugh, and her plot has twists that will make you wished you'd taken notes.

It all comes out right in the end and it is done so well.


  1. Thanks, Regan, for the head's up! I have several books by Marsha, but not this one. Now I hie myself to Amazon! :-)

    1. So glad you found it, Janice! Thanks for commenting.