Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New Review: Shirlee Busbee’s THE SPANISH ROSE – Sweeping Saga from the Spanish Main and British Jamaica in the 17th Century

Set in the Caribbean in 1664-1668, this classic by Busbee tells the story of two feuding families: the British Lancasters and the Spanish Delgatos.

A long time ago, the two families became enemies when a Delgato man took as his unwilling bride Faith Lancaster, steeling her away to Spain. The Lancasters exacted their vengeance, as did the Delgatos their retribution—and so the vendetta has continued.

Maria Delgato, raised on the island of Santo Domingo, has the Lancaster blue eyes her Spanish relations hate. Gabriel Lancaster, who owns land on Jamaica, immediately recognizes them. On his return from London, Maria’s cruel brother, Diego, seizes Gabriel’s ship. Diego’s attack results in the death of Gabriel’s young wife and the capture of his 16-year-old sister. Gabriel becomes a slave on Diego’s sugar plantation, where he is treated cruelly. But Gabriel escapes, and 4 years later is planning his vengeance with Maria in mind.

I loved the hero; Gabriel is noble, generous, tender with those he loves—and constant.

If you like to be swept away to another time and place, this one will please you. Busbee, a master of historical romance, has done a good job, starting with an interesting time in history, and adding to it an intriguing plot with lots of action, suspense and a compelling hero.

It’s a wonderful dip into the past—a sweeping saga from England to the Spanish Main and British Jamaica—a great story.

Note: Shirlee will be a guest on my blog this week, August 20. So, come on back for a chance to win one of her books!


  1. Shirlee Busbee is my very FAVORITE author for lots of years. Gypsy Lady was my first book of hers. I had three. One by Shirlee, one by Janelle Taylor, and one by Johanna Lyndsay. Then I went on a historical buying spree. I have all of Shirlee's books you mentioned and more. Love them! Love them! and of course I'll buy her new one.

    1. Samantha, I know Shirlee will be pleased at your comment. But post on her interview to enter the giveaway!