Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New Review: Jennifer Blake’s ROYAL SEDUCTION – A Great Bodice Ripper set in Louisiana with a Prince of a Hero

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Another well-told story from Blake, and this one a bodice ripper with a European prince for a hero…

Set in 1829 in Louisiana, this is the story of Angeline Fortin who lives with her aunt outside of New Orleans. Angeline, a chaste young woman, has a look-alike cousin, Claire, who has returned from Ruthenia in Europe having fled the murder of her lover, the heir to the throne. When his younger brother, Prince Rolfe, comes to New Orleans in search of Claire, who he thinks murdered his brother, he mistakes Angeline for her cousin.

Rolfe abducts Angeline and forces her to his bed, whereupon (of course) he discovers she is a virgin. Realizing he has the wrong woman, does he apologize profusely and return her to her home? No, he keeps her prisoner as his mistress, telling her she can be free if she will only tell him of her cousin’s whereabouts. Of course, she declines, hoping to protect her cousin. And one doubts he would have released her even then.

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Much of the story is taken up with the search for Claire, and there are villains aplenty as they ride through No Man’s Land where a pack of Scottish bandits and a Spanish horde of ruthless outlaws seek to tear Claire from Rolfe. But Rolfe is wily and fierce in his defense of the woman he is coming to admire and to care for. The mystery of Claire’s involvement in the murder of Rolfe’s brother continues and treachery lies amidst Rolfe’s cadre of men. Someone is seeking to kill Rolfe.

This is a well-written story that kept me turning pages, a bodice ripper with a great plot and a fine ending. The hero is noble if a bit selfish and the heroine, who begins naïve and a bit weak, ends up showing great courage and regal presence.

You will not be disappointed, I promise.

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