Tuesday, October 7, 2014

New Review: Barbara Bettis’ SILVERHAWK – Classic Medieval Story of Knights and their Ladies in the time of King Richard

Set in Lincolnshire in 1197, this is the story of mercenary knight Sir Giles of Cambrai (“Silverhawk”), who was ambushed by outlaws on his way from France to see Lord Henry of Chauvere, and Lady Emelin of Compton, whose men rescue Giles.

Lady Emelin is on her way from the convent where she was living to wed Lord Osbert, a stranger to her. Osbert essentially bought her as a broodmare from her evil brother, so that he could gain an heir. Despite this, Emelin is willing because she thinks even a bad marriage that will give her children is preferable to life as a nun. When they come across the wounded Sir Giles, she insists they take him with them so his wounds can be tended, little knowing that Giles knows her betrothed and loathes him.

This is an adventure with lots of mystery as Sir Giles’ past remains in question until the very end. Emelin is a worthy heroine, brave and yet will do her duty to help others. Giles (“Silverhawk”) remains a noble knight enamored of Emelin but believing he is unworthy of her. There are many great secondary characters that populate the story, and some who scheme to gain the advantage for King Philip of France over King Richard who remains on Crusade throughout the story.

A lively tale, I recommend it.

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