Friday, October 31, 2014

New Review: Denise Domning’s SPRING’S FURY – Rich in Medieval Detail and an Exciting Story!

Set in 1194, this is the story of Nicola of Ashby, a tall warrior woman, and Gilliam FitzHenry, brother to Rannulf, Lord Graistan. The story opens as Gilliam is assaulting Ashby manor and kills Nicola’s father, calling him traitor. There is obviously a prior history between the characters and prior events have taken place; hence I recommend you read these books in order (this is the 3rd book in the Graistan Chronicles, series list below).

Gilliam intends to marry Nicola to gain Ashby, which he has already started rebuilding after he burned down all the cottages and manor. But Nicola will not marry the murderer of her father so she flees on the day they are to wed. Seemed reasonable to me. Fierce and clever, Nicola manages an escape dressed as a lad and once in the woods, slays four thugs who would capture her for the ransom money. Domning did a great job with these fight scenes…very exciting. When Gilliam learns of Nicola’s success, he is impressed and eager to tame the wild woman. He has a history, too, having apparently had an affair with his brother’s wife who carried his child. Both are now dead. (We never do get the full story on that one which I assume is in the prior book.)

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Eventually Gilliam will force Nicola to wed him and the story of their difficult path to love begins.

Domning takes pains to provide accurate historical details reflecting her deep research into the medieval period. While there isn’t much history here the book has an authentic medieval feel in characters, setting and all that goes with it. Domning serves up a worthy hero and heroine, too. I loved Nicola’s spirit and her courage. And who could not find Gilliam charming and admire his persistence in taming his new wife? This is a well-written, action packed story.

Lovers of medieval romance will want to read this series—but do it in order!

The Graistan Chronicles (in the boxed set, it’s the Seasons Series):


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