Saturday, November 29, 2014

New Review: Pamela Clare’s RIDE THE FIRE – Exciting Story of Love on the American Frontier!

This is the third in the Blakewell/Kenleigh family trilogy, set in the 1760s, a time when the frontier was a wild place with Indians seeking to kill or torture white men who were taking over the Indians’ land. Nicholas Kenleigh (oldest son of Cassie and Alec from book 1), served George Washington against the French, but was never the same after being captured and tortured by the Wyandot tribe.

Uncomfortable with the trappings of civilization, Nicholas lives his life as a lone trapper. One day he stumbles into a farm on the edge of the Ohio frontier, wounded and needing help.

Elspeth (“Bethie”) Stewart, a widow and pregnant with her first child, tends Nicholas’ wounds but she is wary of him, particularly since she was abused by her stepfather and stepbrother and fears men. While Nicholas is sleeping, she hides his weapons and ties him to her bed.

Alone on the frontier, Bethie must rely upon Nicholas to help her, even to deliver her child. The longer Nicholas stays, the more enamored he becomes with her. And then the Wyandot show up…

A great story from American’s frontier days with a brave heroine who overcomes her difficult background to triumph and a worthy hero who stands by her side. Clare vividly portrays the issues the settlers faced as they tried to survive. She has done much historical research into the times and it’s reflected in the story. This is a well written story with some exciting scenes as Nicholas and Bethie fight to defeat a band of warrior Indians—more than once. A solid finale to a great trilogy.

Blakewell/Kenleigh family trilogy:

Sweet Release, set in 1730, Cassie Blakewell and Alec Kenleigh
Carnal Gift, set in 1754, Jamie Blakewell
Ride the Fire, set in 1763, Nicholas Kenleigh

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