Tuesday, May 26, 2015

New Review: Arnette Lamb’s BORDER LORD – Fanciful but Delightful Tale from the Scottish Borderlands

Set in 1713 in the Scottish borderlands, this is the story of Lady Miriam MacDonald, diplomat for Queen Anne who is being punished by the queen and sent to the Scottish borderlands to negotiate a peace between Duncan Kerr, the Earl of Kildalton and Baron Sinclair, who have had a running feud for years involving more than stolen cattle.

By day, Duncan dons the disguise of a bumbling nobleman with a wig and spectacles, hoping to fool Miriam about his night raids. By night, Duncan is the infamous “Border Lord” who raids the baron’s English lands to reclaim what is his.

Miriam befriends the earl and falls prey to the seduction of the Border Lord, never knowing they are the same man. She is determined to negotiate a peace but she doesn’t know the truth of the feud. And she doesn’t know the Border Lord is falling in love with her.
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It’s a fanciful but clever story that, at times, reads more like a Regency with its witty banter and female diplomat, but it is also well-written and very entertaining. Lamb has created a wonderful cast of characters, including Duncan’s son who changes his first name each day and takes on the personality of the person whose name he bears.

This unlikely but delightful tale will hold your interest.
It's the first in the Border series:

Border Lord
Border Bride
Maiden of Inverness

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