Sunday, May 10, 2015

New Review: Kate Robbins’ PROMISED TO THE HIGHLANDER – When You Love the Wrong Man…

[Note: Kate Robbins will be my guest on May 12 and will be giving away her book!]

Set in Tongue in the far north of Scotland in 1429, this is the story of Nessia Stephenson who, by her father’s arrangement, was to marry William MacKay, the younger brother of Fergus, the MacKay laird. William was a deerhound, Fergus a hawk. One was a “good man,” one was a warrior and a hardened widower. The marriage was needed, said Nessia’s father, to protect her against the Sutherland clan, the enemies of the MacKays. But something went awry…and the first time Fergus met her, it was instant lust.

Nessia marries William yet she continues to yearn for Fergus. Thankfully for both Nessia and Fergus, he is in hiding with his men because of the Sutherland’s pillaging around the countryside under the MacKay banner. A year later, William, sent on a mission for his brother to spy on the Sutherlands, is captured. You can imagine what takes place next…         

It’s well written with many twists and turns. Misunderstandings and treachery abound. Fergus’ sister Freya makes some dumb moves that make the feud worse. (She could sleep with a Sutherland but not live with one apparently). And Nessia’s feelings for her brother-in-law do not abate. There are some vigorous battles and know that there is torture in this story as the Sutherland laird is a twisted man.

Autumn in Tongue, Scotland

This is the second in Robbins’ Highland Chiefs series:

Bound to the Highlander
Promised to the Highlander
Enemy of the Highlander
Prisoner of the Highlander


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